Metallic Silver Motorbike Trailer (Carrier)

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  • Motorbike-carrier-trailer
  • Metallic-silver-motorbike-carrier-trailer
  • Metallic-silver-four-motorbike-carrier-trailer
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Metallic Silver Motorbike Trailer (Carrier)

We have built this metallic silver motorbike trailer because some people just prefer metallic silver color for their trailers. We can guarantee you that you will love this trailer. Just click on the images for larger view and hopefully you would not hesitate to give us a call for more information. We will be happy to assist you if you have any enquiry about this product.

Product Description

Metallic Silver Motorbike Trailer (Carrier)

Capacity of 4 Motorbikes

This metallic silver motorbike trailer is built to hold 4 motorbikes pretty easily. Real images uploaded. Please check all the images as we believe after watching all the images you would love to buy this trailer. We provide 6 months manufacturing warranty for this product (terms and condition apply). Please feel free to contact us for further questions about the trailer. Financing is available for this product.


  • Colour: Metallic Silver
  • Compacity: 4 Motorbikes
  • Body size: 2900mm x 2000mm x 1400mm
  • Alcopanel Thickness: 3mm
  • Nose Door: 1400mm x 1040mm (LxW)
  • Tailgate: 1200mm x 1390mm  (LxW)
  • Side Door: 1290mm x 650 (LxW)
  • Lock Type: T-Lock
  • Roof: Hydraulic roof
  • Tail Lights And Internal Lighting: LED light
  • Axle Type: Single straight axle 40mm
  • Wheels and Tyres Size: 17 inch alloys
  • Jockey Wheel: Spring locking
  • Internal walls: Metal mesh